megan cloherty

a journalist exploring the industry's new horizons

This is my spot to showcase my professional work.

In short, I'm a new media reporter with a passion for how news is taking shape online. I spent eight years in the tv news industry. After graduating with my masters in interactive journalism, I am now working in news radio both on air and for the web.

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clips from cnn newsource

Wrapping a national story out of Washington, D.C. about one plane clipping another at New York's LaGuardia Aiport. This is the perfect example of having limited resources and putting together what video and sound we had available.

As tensions escalated in Libya, my challenge was to report the news out of Capitol Hill over the issue while still keeping a viewer interested in Tennesee. I found the best bites and wrote tightly in an effort to keep the viewer's attention on an otherwise unrelatable story.

clips from wdaf

This is the classic growing pains story that can be told in every city across the country. It's about finding the right characters, making the liveshot active and writing to what viewers can see and understand like the lack of construction sound and the mural the business constructed. I am very proud of this piece.

As the go-to political reporter for Fox 4 News during my time there, I was happy to cover President Obama's campaign stop for Robin Carnahan in Kansas City. While it was the big story of the day, as often happens with these events, little access was granted to the politicians and there was little opportunity for b-roll. This was a straight wrap.

This story is what reporter's like to call a producer fantasy. "Just go out and find a teen who has been bullied online," they said at 2:45 p.m. School was nearly out and without parent permission, it was a tough get. But my photographer and I started calling after-school centers, libraries and tutoring centers and eventually found a group of teens, one of whom was willing to talk about her experience. We executed the fantasy and personalized the state-wide policy story.

This story was not my assignment for the day. My assignment was to hit a town far north of here, and cover the flood damage. We heard a small storm had touched down in Lake Contrary, Mo. But, we arrived to find a different scene. While my producers still wanted the package up north, my photographer and I decided to do both stories since the damage we saw and the stories we heard needed to be told. This package lead the newscast that night, after we showed our producers just what we meant by our argument to change the plan.